That’s What They Said

The Ford and Harrison attorneys who contribute to That’s What She Said answer were asked to finish the statement “I watch The Office because . . .”

Chris Butler

Chris Butler:  I watch The Office because . . . brilliant writing, deadpan comedy, and more real than reality TV. Moreover, it exposes the timeless toxicity of bad bossing — and no laugh track needed.

Brian Kurtz

Brian Kurtz: I watch The Office because . . . Practicing employment law is never boring. Human interaction in an enclosed space, i.e., an office, is like an experiment you can’t quite control. And I can’t think of any office more unpredictable than one populated by Michael, Dwight, Angela, Creed, and the rest of the Scranton employees. Every Thursday while I chuckle at the antics of the Dunder Mifflin gang, I can’t help cringing while I calculate the company’s damages. Sometimes they’re quite large. That’s what she said.

Doug Hall

Doug Hall: I watch The Office because . . . I can’t get enough of the song stylings of Andrew Bernard.

Kristin Starnes Gray

Kristin Gray: I watch The Office because . . . I just can’t get enough of Jim and Pam. Plus, it’s endlessly entertaining to watch a German-speaking beet farmer, who also moonlights as a volunteer sheriff’s deputy, table tennis star, and nun chucks expert.

Matt Rita

Matt Rita: I watch The Office because . . . of my three daughters — ages 15, 13 and 9. Last summer they rented and watched all of the episodes from the first five seasons, so it was difficult for me not to become familiar with the Dunder Mifflin gang. Plus, the girls told me and my fiancée that we remind them of Jim and Pam, which I think was a compliment.

Matt Scott

Matt Scott: I watch The Office because . . . it makes me feel better about myself when I put my foot in my mouth — I know I’ve never done or said anything as wrong as Michael Scott does on a weekly basis.

Jody Ward-Rannow

Jody Ward-Rannow: I watch The Office because . . . it’s funny and I identify with Toby as he tries to maintain proper office behavior. Nobody likes to see the employment lawyer coming.

Jaclyn West

Jaclyn West: I watch The Office because . . . of the shenanigans, the awkward silences, and Jim and Pam. And because I love the high drama and power politics of the party-planning committee.

Josh Drexler

Josh Drexler: I watch The Office because . . . it gives me the chance to laugh at life’s awkward moments. Life is full of them but normally we have to keep our cool and bite our tongues. The best comedies play off of our social fears and anxieties. In Scranton, the unthinkable happens, and we’re free to laugh.