Dead fish

January 18, 2013 - by: Adam Klarfeld 1 COMMENTS

Seriously, where is Andy Bernard? I’m worried about him. And his relationship with Erin. And Pete too. I’m not sure what a Pennsylvania court might say, but under Iowa law, Andy could presumably fire Pete simply because his girlfriend is attracted to him. See Nelson v. Knight (Iowa 2012) (dentist’s wife forced dentist to fire employee that dentist was attracted to).

On a slightly more substantive note, it was a little refreshing to see an interview free of any inappropriate or borderline unlawful questions involving a Dunder Mifflin employee. Of course Daryl’s interview was with another company. Still, there were no EEOC-disapproved questions — nothing that could be construed to elicit any disability questions, or age, religion, or nationality. And, it almost seemed warm and normal…right until those fish got electrocuted.

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Rocking around The Office tree

December 19, 2012 - by: Kristin Starnes Gray 0 COMMENTS

Litigation Value: the cost of a new iPod for your office Secret Santa = considerably less now than in Season 2 (depending on the model); potential liability for Scranton holiday antics over the last nine seasons = an obscene amount; the countless hilarious and heart-warming moments of The Office Christmas episodes = priceless.

As we are wrapping up our gift shopping, putting the finishing touches on our festive decorations, and whipping up some tasty holiday treats, I thought now was a good time to look back on some favorites from the many delightful moments The Office has given us in its Christmas episodes over the years.   

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No woman, no cry

November 19, 2012 - by: Kristin Starnes Gray 0 COMMENTS

Litigation Value: Dwight’s sexual and sexist comments regarding women = additional fodder for a hostile work environment claim (not to mention Clark’s potential claims); Jim taking calls about starting a different company on Dunder Mifflin time = a potential breach of the duty of loyalty; taking another trip to crazy town with Jan = priceless.

With David Wallace unavailable (and wisely so), Dwight has the opportunity to land a major new client and boost Scranton’s sales. Unfortunately for Dwight, the potential client is female and Dwight has difficulty relating to business women. Never fear–it’s Pam to the rescue with a crash course on dealing with high-powered, shoulder pad-wearing businesswomen. It’s no surprise that Dwight has difficulty with Pam’s training but, regardless, all bets are off when the secret potential client turns out to be Jan. Dwight may have landed the sale against all odds but his success doesn’t come without consequences. Here’s my own crash course for Dwight on dealing with a professional woman.

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The Boat – Let’s finish the season before it sinks…

November 09, 2012 - by: Adam Klarfeld 0 COMMENTS

Although last night’s episode focused more on the personal side of the characters’ lives rather than the professional, it’s always the personal stuff that leads to the really juicy legal issues. Last night, Andy emerged as the leader of his family in dealing with the aftermath of the family’s ongoing financial crisis. Dwight took the brunt of another elaborate prank. And, Kevin learned about Oscar’s affair with “the Senator.”

The first story line isn’t particularly interesting from an employment law perspective. Perhaps a trusts and estates lawyer would have been more interested in Andy’s unilateral decision to sell the boat and then sail it (uninsured with little experience) to the Caribbean with his brother.

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Dunder Mifflin, We Hardly Knew Ye

August 30, 2012 - by: Doug Hall 0 COMMENTS

It is August 30, 2012, the night of a blue moon, and I’m a bit blue with the news earlier in the week that this will be the last season for The Office. So I thought I’d crack open a Blue Moon (OK, not literally — taking some literary license here) and share some thoughts about what made the show — and writing this blog — so enjoyable.

The heart and the soul of The Office, what made it work so well (while also giving us ample material for the blog), was the Michael Scott character. Although he was the Regional Manager, and thus “the boss,” Michael was an underdog, and everyone likes an underdog (except President Snow from The Hunger Games — but I digress). Lonely as a child, unlucky in love, clueless in the extreme about the political sensitivities his comments offended, we rooted for him to succeed — in large part, I think, because we knew that he had the best of intentions and cared deeply for his “family” at work. If his character had not been so sympathetic (as was sometimes the case in the first season), the show would not have enjoyed its success or longevity. Plus, virtually every employee in the office would have sued the company for some sort of harassment or emotional distress if they hadn’t felt the same way.

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Going for Gold

August 10, 2012 - by: Kristin Starnes Gray 0 COMMENTS

In honor of the Olympics, I have decided to hand out some well deserved medals to our Dunder Mifflin friends for keeping us laughing all these seasons.  I’ll only be handing out gold medals, because that’s the only color on my yogurt lids and I have run out of paperclips for the chains.  Without further ado . . .

Jim Halpert:  Gold medal for most creative office pranks.  My favorite would have to be putting all of Dwight’s belongings in the vending machine and handing him a sack of change.  Of course, the vampire gag was pretty great, too (see below).

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Angry Andy Revisited

July 27, 2012 - by: Adam Keating 0 COMMENTS

Potential Litigation Value:  “Priceless”

We are well into the summer re-run season and this week’s episode was no exception.  The gently viewed episode of “Angry Andy” allows us to revisit the importance of having a strong and dependable HR department.  The following quote encapsulates Dunder Mifflin’s HR department and also may explain why there are so many shenanigans at this workplace: 

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5 Things I Miss About You

With summer and the season of reruns upon us, I thought it was time to look back and reflect upon all the things I miss about Michael Scott. It’s hard to believe he has been off the show for so long. Here are the top 5 things I miss about Michael.

1. The fact he will go to any length to have some social/bonding time with his office family. Remember when he opened Cafe Disco after his co-workers refused his lunch invitation? Without Michael, Jim and Pam would have simply tied the knot at the courthouse without realizing the delight of watching their co-workers dance (badly) to “YMCA” in the middle of the workday.

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If David Wallace is Back, Can Michael Scott Be Far Behind?

June 07, 2012 - by: Doug Hall 0 COMMENTS

Well, of course not. Steve Carell is much too much of a star now to make the move back to TV. (Quick: Can you name the actor who portrays David Wallace? Neither could I. His name is Andy Buckley.) Nevertheless, and as much as I love Ed Helms as Andy Bernard, it’s fun to think about what The Office might be like if Michael came back. Plus, with Robert California and, presumably, Nellie gone, and with Andy and Erin happily canoodling, there is a risk of fewer employment law-related shenanigans at The Office — and Michael would certainly ensure that wouldn’t happen. So I thought I’d spin out the top 5, purely hypothetical scenarios that might tempt Michael to return to the garden spot of northeast Pennsylvania.

5. David Wallace offers him the position of the company’s Ambassador to Canada.

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Moments Like This

June 01, 2012 - by: Jaclyn West 1 COMMENTS

Litigation Value: It’s been quite a season. ‘Nuff said.

We’re into the summer re-run season, and I’m still rolling with my love of the top-10 list. And even though we missed Michael Scott this season — oh, how we missed him — our favorite crew of paper salesmen and women definitely delivered their share of laughs and cringeworthy episodes. So here are 10 of my favorite moments, organized (roughly) in order, from Season 8 of The Office.

10. Angela calling Child Protective Services on Pam because Pam drank herbal tea out of a cup that once held coffee and might have trace amounts of caffeine in it — and then telling Pam about the call during their pregnant ladies’ walking club. I’m guessing CPS didn’t consider that tip a high priority.

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