Small Favors

June 25, 2009 - by: Troy Foster 2 COMMENTS

Thank goodness for small favors!  With The Office on summer break, we didn’t have to face Thursday night with trepidation, fearing that Michael would, in his affable way, fling impertinent comments about the Iranian election crisis around for all to hear. We are probably not the only ones breathing a sigh of relief either. After all, nearly every company is home to employees who feel uncomfortable when in the midst of insulting and derogatory comments. It is hard to imagine who they are at Dunder Mifflin, but it’s not all that unusual to not know who is privately offended. In a raucous or excessively jovial work environment, people often don’t express their discomfort at off-color jokes and quips.

Allowing culturally insensitive banter in the workplace not only is likely to alienate some employees, but it also may even give rise to a hostile work environment claim if allowed to continue unchecked. Dunder Mifflin could sure benefit from some well-designed diversity training, not to mention supervisor training.

Check back next week for more Michael mania!

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1 Joe
09:16:44, 26/06/09

Michael Scott could find a way to ruin even diversity training. Actually, wasn’t that the subject of an entire episode?

2 ACU Frank
11:56:12, 26/06/09

Two entire episodes, I think.

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