Mose Gets A Raise!

July 24, 2008 - by: Troy Foster 5 COMMENTS

Hopefully, the folks at Dunder Mifflin took note of today’s mandated minimum wage increase required under the Fair Minimum Wage Act passed in 2007. As of today, the minimum wage is $6.55; next year, the official federal minimum wage will be increased to $7.25 per hour.

While it’s unlikely that this will affect the wages of any of the Scranton branch employees, this new increase could take a serious toll on the profitability of Dwight’s beet farm operations. If his cousin Mose hears about the increase, Dwight is going to have to find a way to come up with the money to pay Mose’s higher wage — that’s assuming, of course, that Dwight pays Mose at all.

While ensuring compliance with the new wage law is easy for most of us, if Mose receives tips, Dwight has a mathematical challenge on his hands. Employers that have tipped employees just need to be sure that their Moses are getting an equivalent to the new minimum wage, or your beet farms and restaurants will be shut down!

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1 JP
15:31:37, 24/07/08

Sorry there is no raise for Mose. There is an agriculture exception to FLSA.

2 Troy
09:09:57, 25/07/08


Right on with the agriculture exception. I was operating under the assumption that the beet farm is really a cover for Dwight’s bed and breakfast or some illicit activity. I guess in that case, however, Dwight will care even less about the new law. Thanks for pointing out the exception.


3 ACU Frank
11:00:48, 25/07/08

I’m sure Dwight pays Mose well enough. However, his weekly wages coincidentally equal the rent Mose pays on his spot in the hay loft.

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5 Susan
23:12:08, 30/03/09

I’ll have to check, but in Office Olympics, didn’t Dwight say he co-owned the beet farm with Mose?

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