Night Out

April 26, 2008 - by: Julie Elgar 4 COMMENTS

This week’s episode raises some interesting issues for employers. The one that first comes to mind is whether an employer should host internal social networking websites for their employees. Frankly, I’ve got mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, social networking websites are great for recruiting, communicating information, answering employee questions, and allowing employees to get to know colleagues in far off places. A virtual water cooler if you will. But (and this is a large “but”) they also have some significant downsides if not maintained properly. Internal social networking websites must be monitored for inappropriate content (like, for example, the sexual predators who infiltrated the Dunder Mifflin website), disclosures of the company’s confidential information, and for those people who try and use the website as their own personal dating service. I shudder to think about what Michael will do with this feature once Dunder Mifflin 2.0 is up and running.

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1 Penny
22:22:00, 26/04/08

Nothing about asking your staff to falsify sales information and give up commissions in order to make a website look more profitable?

2 James
12:07:43, 28/04/08

And nothing about Michael (boss) asking Jim (suborindate) whether he thinks Meredith (female subordinate) would keep her mouth shut if they hooked up?

3 Tiffany
15:00:39, 28/04/08

What about Toby (the HR guy) being extremely inappropriate with Pam!!!

4 Paul
08:26:12, 02/05/08

I am also curious about Ryan’s apparent use of controlled substances – jittery, all amped up at the club – or maybe that went unnoticed.

Great blog, by the way. First place I go on Friday mornings.

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