Know the difference between having a bad day and losing your passion

October 23, 2017 1 COMMENTS

Love What You Do and Do What You Loveby Dan Oswald

I often repeat the old saying, “Find something you love to do, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” I believe in the spirit of that quote, if not its literal interpretation. That is, sometimes work feels like, well, work. Some days you’re not going to love what you do, no matter what it is. Every day isn’t going to be a perfect day. Some days you’re doing well just to show up. Every day doesn’t end up just the way you would choose. Some days you have to take it as it comes. Some days you just have to grind it out and hope tomorrow is better.

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Nurture employees’ passion to achieve success

March 13, 2017 0 COMMENTS

by Dan Oswald

Life is too short to do something you hate. It’s a simple statement that’s hard to dispute, but shouldn’t all of us expect more than not to hate what we do? I think so.  Do what you love

It isn’t enough not to hate your job. Most of us will spend more than 10,000 days at work during our lifetime. That’s more than 80,000 hours of work and a lot of time to spend doing something you don’t enjoy. If you really want to be happy in life, find something you love to do.

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Has your work become . . . well, work?

October 10, 2016 0 COMMENTS

I love my work on blackboardby Dan Oswald

What is it you really love to do? Sometimes we lose sight of that and end up settling for something much less.

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Talent, drive, and success cannot be dictated by age

May 18, 2015 1 COMMENTS

Business People Celebrating Success in a Cityscapeby Dan Oswald

I recently wrote that we shouldn’t overlook the contributions the younger generation can make. In business, we often assume that experience equates with success and therefore conclude it’s unlikely that a 20-something can make a significant contribution. I think that’s complete hogwash, but so is assuming people can’t have a major career breakthrough in the second half of their work life.

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What’s the right thing to say?

August 26, 2013 1 COMMENTS

by Dan Oswald

Last week I took my second child—and my only daughter, which is a significant distinction for a father—to college for her freshman year. I knew it would be an emotional time for her, her mother, and me. And I wanted to offer some sage advice as I left her behind in her new dorm room, something that would make a lasting impression and might serve to guide her as she embarked on her college career.

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Inspirational father-and-son story offers four lessons for the workplace

August 12, 2013 1 COMMENTS

by Dan Oswald

Maybe you’ve heard the story of Dick Hoyt and his son, Rick. Rick was born so severely disabled that the doctors told his parents to put him in an institution so he could be cared for, but his parents refused and took their son home with them. Rick has been confined to a wheelchair his entire life, but that hasn’t deterred him. His parents got him a computer so he could communicate. Despite all of his challenges, he graduated from high school and college.

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