Take time to recognize accomplishments in 2017

December 11, 2017 1 COMMENTS

They'll jump at the chance to help you outby Dan Oswald

I’ve said before on these pages that I don’t do a great job of celebrating our company’s successes. It seems that as we achieve a goal, I immediately look to the next opportunity or focus on a problem area that needs attention when I should be recognizing and congratulating everyone involved in our success.

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What My Beloved Packers Teach Us About Consistency

January 21, 2011 3 COMMENTS

My beloved Green Bay Packers take on their biggest rival, the Chicago Bears, Sunday for the National Football Conference crown and an opportunity to play in the Super Bowl. The rivalry between the two teams is the NFL’s longest, beginning in 1921.  During the span of the last 90 years, the two teams have faced each other a whopping 181 times. But only once have they met in the playoffs and that was 70 years ago.

The rivalry between the two teams is very real for the fans and players. As Bears star linebacker Brian Urlacher  said the other day, “We don’t like them. They don’t like us.”

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