Recognizing the Olympians in your workplace

February 10, 2014 - by: Dan Oswald 6 COMMENTS

Medalby Dan Oswald

While watching the opening ceremonies of the 2014 Winter Olympics, I was struck by the many similarities between a country’s Olympic team and a company’s employees. It might seem odd to draw that particular comparison, but let me explain and see if you also notice the correlation between the two.

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Getting your staff to work as a team is tough but essential

January 27, 2014 - by: Dan Oswald 6 COMMENTS

teamworkby Dan Oswald

The other day my 19-year-old daughter told me, “It takes teamwork to make the dream work.” I’m sure she didn’t come up with that on her own, but it was new to me. Teamwork is defined as a “cooperative or coordinated effort on the part of a group of persons acting together as a team or in the interests of a common cause.” That certainly applies to business as well as sports.

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Lessons on life and leadership from Martin Luther King, Jr.

January 20, 2014 - by: Dan Oswald 5 COMMENTS

MLKby Dan Oswald

Today we celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Inarguably, he accomplished much during his lifetime, and there certainly are lessons we can learn from his approach to life and leadership.

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Christie bridge scandal raises questions for managers

January 13, 2014 - by: Dan Oswald 6 COMMENTS

Bridgeby Dan Oswald

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve undoubtedly heard about what is now being called “Bridgegate.” (I, for one, am tired of “gate” getting added to every controversy and scandal, but I’ll leave that rant for another day.) It seems that one of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s top aides, Bridget Anne Kelly, sent an e-mail to a Christie appointee at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

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Let your voice be heard in 2014

January 06, 2014 - by: Dan Oswald 5 COMMENTS

debateby Dan Oswald

As we kick off 2014, it’s my hope for you that you have the courage of your convictions both in your personal life and at work. I hope you will speak and act according to your beliefs, even in the face of disagreement or criticism.

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‘Tis the season to do right by your employees and customers

December 16, 2013 - by: Dan Oswald 11 COMMENTS

Tis Seasonby Dan Oswald

Have you ever thought about what employees really want from a company and a manager? What is it that really makes employees feel satisfied in their work? Among other things, having a manager who cares about them as people is part of being happy at work. So when I heard about Liberty Bottleworks, I figured it must have a pretty satisfied workforce. Here’s the story.

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Master of his fate: leadership lessons from Nelson Mandela

December 09, 2013 - by: Dan Oswald 0 COMMENTS

Mandelaby Dan Oswald

“A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.”
Nelson Mandela

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Obamacare provides lessons for every manager

December 02, 2013 - by: Dan Oswald 2 COMMENTS

Obamacareby Dan Oswald

It’s one of the most controversial pieces of legislation passed in my lifetime, with its legality being ruled on by the U.S. Supreme Court, but whether you support or reject Obamacare, it’s obvious that its execution has been deeply flawed. There’s a lesson in this for all of us.

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Increase company performance by instilling sense of ownership

November 25, 2013 - by: Dan Oswald 2 COMMENTS

Ownershipby Dan Oswald

“He acts like he owns the place!” Depending on the context, that single sentence, when used in the workplace, can either spell disaster or be one of the most positive and flattering things to be said about an employee. If the statement is made out of frustration about an employee who throws his weight around and has a condescending attitude, you might be in trouble. But if it’s said with pride and satisfaction about an employee, then you’ve found yourself a star.

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If you don’t have anything nice to say . . .

November 18, 2013 - by: Dan Oswald 0 COMMENTS

shut upby Dan Oswald

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”
—Abraham Lincoln

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