Quebec City shootings: What can we learn from this tragedy?

February 02, 2017 1 COMMENTS

By Brian Smeenk

Six innocent men were shot in the back while praying in a Quebec City mosque on January 29. The apparently racially motivated act of violence makes us all pause to reflect. How could this happen? In a peaceful city like that? In a peaceful country like Canada? What is happening in our society that would give rise to such hateful violence?  Flag of Quebec

Perhaps we can all learn something from such a tragedyincluding HR professionals, business managers, and even lawyers. Canadians and Americans alike.

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Ontario Adds to Broad Canadian Harassment/Violence Laws

January 11, 2010 0 COMMENTS

By Alix Herber

Canada’s two largest provinces — Ontario and Quebec — now have laws requiring employers to seek to provide workplaces free of “harassment.” No longer limited to human rights-related harassment, the term is broadly defined in these laws. Further, Ontario’s new law extends beyond harassment. It, like the federal law, also will require antiviolence policies and programs. These laws will apply regardless of whether a workplace has any prior history of such problems.

Ontario’s Bill 168, the Occupational Health and Safety Amendment Act, will come into force in June 2010. (See our previous articles on this bill by Karen Sargeant, May 5, 2009, and Brian Smeenk, May 19, 2009.)

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