Free labor or future liability? Unpaid internships in Canada also pose issues

July 14, 2013 0 COMMENTS

By Julia Kennedy

With each summer comes a wave of new graduates and returning students looking for ways to gain career experience. This summer, the media spotlight has been focused on the nature of unpaid internships in the United States and Canada. They are no longer limited to the not-for-profit sector. It’s probably a good time for employers in Canada who have some sort of internship program to reassess whether what seems like free labor is actually a liability in disguise. read more…

Beware the Unpaid Intern in Canada

June 15, 2009 3 COMMENTS

One of the unfortunate outcomes of the current economic climate is that there are fewer jobs to go around for students. Summer and graduating students who have relied on summer jobs for experience and training are finding few opportunities out there.

To solve this problem, many students and graduates are reaching out to companies to offer their services on a gratuitous basis as unpaid “interns.” The mutual benefit seems obvious — especially if an unpaid internship blossoms into a full-time paying job.

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