Welcome to Northern Exposure

October 06, 2007 - by: Brian Smeenk 0 COMMENTS

Welcome to the introductory issue of Northern Exposure. This new e-zine and blog highlights important developments in Canadian labor and employment law and will be of special interest to companies with operations in Canada.

In addition to news articles, the blog and e-zine will include practical Employer’s Tips and Q&As to help you better understand Canadian employment law.

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Managing Employees Abroad

September 28, 2007 - by: Brian Smeenk 0 COMMENTS

by Brian Smeenk

Does your company send employees into other countries? Do you employ foreign nationals in international aassignments? These situations have their own, unique complexities and legal issues. To be successful in managing its employees abroad, employers need to have an employment relationship that protects both its company and its employees. Let’s look at some of the key issues you’ll face in these situations.

1. Which company will be the employer? Do you want your American company to be the employer or should a related company in the foreign country be the employer? The answer to that question could affect which laws will apply as well as the length of service that will be recognized, applicable benefit plans, and other terms and conditions of employment.

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