New York City’s ‘Fair Workweek’ laws set to take effect

November 20, 2017 0 COMMENTS

by Angelo D. Catalano
Coughlin & Gerhart, LLP

New York City fast-food and retail employers need to be ready for the city’s package of five new “Fair Workweek” laws when they go into effect on November 26. Following is a summary outlining the basics of the new laws.

Fast-food workers

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Seattle scheduling law to take effect July 1

June 19, 2017 0 COMMENTS

by Chelsea Petersen and Stephanie Holstein

An ordinance affecting how large retail and food services employers in Seattle schedule workers is set to take effect July 1.

The ordinance applies to employers in the retail and food services industries (defined broadly to include restaurants, food trucks, bars, and caterers) with 500 or more employees worldwide or, for franchises, within the franchise network. In addition to the 500-employee requirement, full-service restaurants (that is, restaurants where patrons order and are served while seated) are covered by the ordinance only if they have 40 or more physical locations.

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San Francisco employers soon must consider flexible work requests

December 10, 2013 0 COMMENTS

by Cathleen S. Yonahara

San Francisco’s new Family Friendly Workplace Ordinance takes effect January 1, 2014, meaning covered private employers in the city must consider employees’ requests for flexible or predictable working arrangements to assist with their caregiving responsibilities.

Employers that directly or indirectly employ at least 20 employees are covered. When calculating the number of workers they employ, employers must include employees hired through temporary services or staffing agencies. The ordinance applies to any employee who works within the geographic boundaries of San Francisco, has been employed by a covered employer for at least six months, and regularly works at least eight hours per week.

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