Massachusetts adds veteran status as a protected class

August 29, 2016 1 COMMENTS

by Susan G. Fentin

Now that a new Massachusetts law adding veteran status as a protected class under the state’s antidiscrimination law is in effect, employers need to take a look at their employee handbook provisions related to veterans.    Proud saluting male army soldier on american flag background

At the end of the last legislative session, the Massachusetts Legislature passed An Act Relative to Housing Operations, Military Service and Enrichment. The main purpose of the law, which took effect in July, is to give veterans who have disabilities that are 100 percent related to their military service greater access to housing. But the statute contains two provisions that may require employers to revise their handbooks.

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Milwaukee Equal Rights Commission Adopts Draft of Paid Sick Leave Rules

April 13, 2009 0 COMMENTS

On April 1, 2009, the Milwaukee Equal Rights Commission (ERC) adopted a draft of the City of Milwaukee Paid Sick Leave Ordinance Administrative Rules. These rules establish the standards and procedures the ERC will use for both the implementation and the enforcement of the ordinance by the ERC should the current legal challenge to the ordinance by the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce fail.

As a result of the filing of this legal challenge, there is a temporary injunction in place prohibiting the city of Milwaukee from implementing the ordinance. It appears the city is proceeding on creating and approving the administrative rules as required under the ordinance so that they will be in place should the legal challenge fail or the injunction be lifted.

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