Medical marijuana law takes effect in Connecticut Oct. 1

September 11, 2012 0 COMMENTS

by Jonathan C. Sterling

As of October 1, Connecticut employers need to make sure they’re in compliance with the state’s new medical marijuana law.

Under the law, employers of one or more employees are prohibited from refusing to hire, discharging, penalizing, or threatening an employee solely on the basis of his status as a “qualifying patient” or “primary caregiver” under the medical marijuana law.

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Connecticut Restricts Using Credit Scores in Hiring

September 26, 2011 0 COMMENTS

By John Herrington

On October 1, Connecticut becomes the most recent state to limit employers’ use of credit histories in employment decisions. The state joins Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Oregon, and Washington in making restrictions.

The new law – Public Act No. 11-223 – prohibits any Connecticut employer with more than one employee from requiring “an employee or prospective employee to consent to a request for a credit report that contains information about the employee’s or prospective employee’s credit score, credit account balances, payment history, savings or checking account balances or savings or checking account numbers as a condition of employment.”

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NLRB Backs Employee’s Right to Bad-Mouth Supervisor on Facebook

November 05, 2010 2 COMMENTS

by Jonathan Sterling and James Goodfellow

An employer’s blogging and social networking policy that prohibits employees from posting disparaging comments online about coworkers or their employer has been deemed unlawful by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

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