Holidays 2008 Survey

November 07, 2008 - by: HR Hero 0 COMMENTS

It’s time for HRHero’s annual holiday survey to see how many holidays companies are offering during the next 12 months and how the economy will affect their holiday celebrations and bonuses. This year’s survey starts with the Thanksgiving holiday this month and goes through October 2009.

And speaking of holidays, HR Hero Line will take the day off on the day after Thanksgiving (Nov. 28) but will resume on Dec. 5.

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Election 2008 white paper, time off to vote state laws, sample policy

October 31, 2008 - by: HR Hero 0 COMMENTS

With the 2008 election in its final days, employers must brace for significant employment law changes. has produced a free white paper on 6 potential employment law changes under new leadership in Washington. The white paper also includes a chart of time off to vote laws taken from HR Hero’s 50 Employment Laws in 50 States book. The laws have been researched by employment law attorneys in each state who are part of the Employers Counsel Network. The white paper also includes a comprehensive “Time Off to Vote” sample policy you can adapt for your company.

You can also check out John Phillips post about the Impact of Presidential politics on employment law issues.

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Your HR Department 2008 Survey Results

October 24, 2008 - by: HR Hero 0 COMMENTS

Many thanks to everyone for taking this month’s survey twice. Your answers were very interesting, especially on the essay question about the most difficult thing your HR department has had to do this year. Many of you have had to deal with layoffs, finding good employees to hire, the rising cost of health care, and every HR person’s favorite four-letter word – FMLA.

Once you’ve checked out the survey results, add a comment to this post and tell us what you think.

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Your HR Department Survey 2.0

October 17, 2008 - by: HR Hero 0 COMMENTS

Last Friday (Oct. 10) we discovered we had some significant technical problems with the survey on Your HR Department that caused us to lose many of your responses.

So we’re going to try this again. The survey is the same. We’ve gotten the technical problems resolved. Now we just need you to take the survey — again.

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Workplace Violence Prevention Strategies

August 27, 2008 - by: HR Hero 0 COMMENTS

Workplace violence is a serious threat to American employers and employees. Although homicide in the workplace has steadily declined since 1994, it is still the fourth leading cause of workplace fatalities in the United States.

In addition, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2006, more than 22,000 employees in private industry missed days of work because of nonfatal injuries that resulted from violent assaults in the workplace. Seventy percent of those injured missed three or more days of work as a result. The total number of workplace assaults, however, is much higher.

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