Your HR Department 2010 Survey Results

September 23, 2010 - by: Wendi Watts 0 COMMENTS

While some HR departments got through the past year relatively unscathed, many have had to conduct layoffs, keep employees happy when they haven’t had a raise in more than a year, and all while their own departments and budgets have been slashed.

Each year, HRhero asks its readers about their HR departments and how they have changed in the past year. This year, like in 2009, many of our survey respondents reported they had faced very difficult challenges.

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Hurricanes, Floods, and Other Disasters Don’t Stop Employers’ Legal Obligations in the Workplace

September 03, 2010 - by: Wendi Watts 0 COMMENTS

Just because a disaster affects your organization doesn’t mean your legal obligations in the workplace are put on hold. With (1) Hurricane Earl barreling toward the East Coast and at least two more hurricanes behind it, (2) another oil rig accident in the Gulf of Mexico, and (3) a terrible hostage situation at the Discovery Channel’s headquarters, it’s a good time to check your disaster plan and make sure your company is ready for the legal obligations it will face before, during, and after a major emergency situation.

Here are a few related articles from Louisiana Employment Law Letter — written after the attorney editors themselves were displaced from their New Orleans offices by Hurricane Katrina. The latter two articles focus on what the editors helped clients deal with before and after Katrina. read more…

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Hiring Outlook: Mostly Cloudy for Rest of 2010, HR Pros Say

August 12, 2010 - by: HR Hero 0 COMMENTS

Many companies are staying put at their current employment levels (40%) or adding only 1-4 jobs (30%) in the last half of 2010, according to results of the Hiring 2010 HR Hero Line survey. Fewer than 15% of the respondents are planning to reduce staffs.

Companies that are adding jobs cited a variety of reasons, including the need to supplement current threadbare staffing (15%) and an uptick in their particular industry (also 15%). “Just need a few more people,” one HR pro wrote. “Growth in our community supported the additional hiring,” said another.

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HR Feud Survey

July 26, 2010 - by: HR Hero 0 COMMENTS

HRHero is inviting all our HR and business friends to participate in our new HR Feud survey, where you’ll tell your opinion on employment law and HR issues. Then during lunch at the upcoming Advanced Employment Issues Symposium (AEIS), conference participants can see if they can guess the most popular answers to our survey questions.

Take the HR Feud survey
Voting ends on Thursday, August 6, 2008

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DOL Expands Family Leave for Same-Sex Parents

June 23, 2010 - by: HR Hero 0 COMMENTS

by Julie K. Athey

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has released a new “administrative interpretation” (AI) that clarifies the circumstances in which an employee may take leave to care for a child for whom they act as a parent but aren’t legally recognized as such. As has been pointed out in numerous press reports over the last couple of days, the ruling appears to grant expanded Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) rights to gay and lesbian employees.

Although initial reports made it seem that the administrative interpretation would allow employees to take leave to care for a same-sex partner, the actual ruling is far less dramatic. The DOL explains that its intent is to assist employees and employers in understanding “how the FMLA applies when there is no legal or biological parent-child relationship.” In short, it addresses much broader issues than the circumstances in which an employee may take leave to care for a same-sex partner’s child.

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FedEx to Offer Same-Sex Domestic Partner Benefits

May 26, 2010 - by: HR Hero 0 COMMENTS

FedEx recently announced that it will offer health insurance benefits to same-sex domestic partners, according to The Commercial Appeal, a Memphis, Tennessee, newspaper. The Memphis-based company plans to begin offering the new insurance benefits beginning January 1, 2012.

In the Appeal article, FedEx spokesperson Sandra Munoz noted that: read more…

Disaster and Recovery in Tennessee

May 06, 2010 - by: HR Hero 0 COMMENTS

Last weekend, we experienced one of the worst disasters ever to hit Middle Tennessee as historic floods ravaged the state. M. Lee Smith Publishers, the company that produces HR Hero and other HR products including the state Employment Law Letters, is headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee, just south of Nashville.

On May 1 and 2, record rainfall pushed area waterways to unheard of levels, destroying lives and homes. As of Friday morning, May 7, the death toll in Tennessee had reached 21 with 10 of those in Nashville. Many businesses and their employees in our community have been devastated, and it will be a long and slow recovery.

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HRHero Compensation Survey 2010 Results

December 16, 2009 - by: HR Hero 2 COMMENTS

HRHero’s Compensation 2010 survey results shows that wage and benefit issues continue to be a pressing problem for many companies and new issues are arising as employers try to deal with doing business in a vastly changed economy from two years ago. Here are some of the results

  • 35% of survey respondents say their organization will have a hiring freeze;
  • 30% report that hourly employees will be getting no raises and 32 % report the same for exempt employees;
  • Of employers reporting raises in 2010, most will be between 2% and 3%;
  • More than 50% report they will not be giving bonuses instead of raises in 2010 and 32% will give no bonuses at all;
  • In addition to hiring freezes, respondents report that their organizations will use temp workers (23%), layoffs (20%), or furloughs (10%).

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4 Blogs Featuring Employers Counsel Network Members Named to ABA Blawg 100

December 02, 2009 - by: HR Hero 0 COMMENTS

ABA Journal editors this week selected the popular That’s What She Said blog, Delaware Employment Law Blog, Work Matters, and Tex Parte Blog to be among the top 100 best websites by lawyers.

Now you can vote on your favorites among the Journal’s “Blawg 100.” To cast a total of 10 votes in any of the categories, go to Voting ends Dec. 31, 2009.

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Holidays 2009 Survey Results

November 12, 2009 - by: HR Hero 0 COMMENTS

Each year, HR Hero Line surveys its readers about what days they will be off at the holidays and in the coming year. Most of you will have a paid holiday later this month on both Thanksgiving Day and the day after, while about 36% of you will get off on Thanksgiving Day only. Christmas is on Friday this year, and most of you will be off on Christmas Day and about 40% will be off on Christmas Eve, as well. The following week, nearly everyone will be off on New Year’s Day, but only 12% will be off on New Year’s Eve.

So since most of you will not be at the office, HR Hero Line will be taking some time off, as well. There will be no issue of HR Hero Line on Nov. 27. There will also be no HR Hero Line issue on Dec. 25 or Jan. 1, 2010. Instead, we will have an issue on Dec. 30.

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