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Thank you for visiting “EntertainHR.” This blog was started by our law firm, FordHarrison LLP, in 2013. Our lawyers represent companies that have been sued by their employees and former employees. Just as important, we spend a significant amount of time counseling our clients on avoiding lawsuits and providing managers with training on how to comply with various federal and state employment laws.

Many of us are huge fans of TV shows, movies, and other entertainment outlets that coinicidentally often feature workplace issues, challenges, and various employment law mishaps. From 2006 until its closing in May 2013, we spotlighted the weekly workplace shenanigans occurring on NBC’s hit TV show “The Office” in our “That’s What She Said” blog. It was a great run for both the show and the blog. With “EntertainHR,” we’re continuing to look at situations, comedic and dramatic, that give us an opportunity to take away an HR lesson or two.

“EntertainHR” dissects these lessons and helps employers understand the real-world implications. We hope you enjoy the blog and will share any thoughts you have. You can also learn more about our firm at www.fordharrison.com.

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