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The topic of workplace diversity has never been more important than it is right now. Employers across the country are struggling to manage a new workforce that is becoming increasingly diverse and complex. As a result, human resources is required to settle differences between ethnic groups, bring peace between generational workers, satisfy the unique needs of disabled employees, and avoid offending an employee’s religious commitment. Helping today’s HR practitioner understand how to manage this new set of challenges is why we’re launching this e-zine and blog and what it’s all about.

Each month, Diversity Insight will provide business-focused strategies for understanding the cultural, communication, and the workplace needs of today’s diverse employee. You’ll receive the hard-hitting solutions that will help you address and manage the differences between generations, genders, ethnic groups, and other diverse employee populations.

Plus, you’ll receive advice that works because each issue features real-life lessons used by your HR peers in gaining commitment from a diverse group of employees. If you want proven advice for managing today’s diverse workforce so they make the organization the most important element in their professional lives, then we invite you to sign up for our FREE e-newsletter today.

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Celeste Blackburn, Editor