EEOC offers website and guidance for young workers

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The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) Youth@Work program is designed to educate working-age young people about their rights and responsibilities in the workplace and how they can protect themselves against illegal discrimination and harassment in the workplace. The program consists of three main components:  the Youth@Work web site, free outreach events, and partnerships with business leaders, human resource groups, and industry trade associations.

The Youth@Work website explains the different types of job discrimination that young workers may encounter and suggests strategies they can use to prevent, and, if necessary, respond to such discrimination. The site includes an interactive tool called “Challenge Yourself!” that provides an opportunity for young workers to test their knowledge by analyzing sample job discrimination scenarios. The site, created with the assistance of EEOC student interns, also includes examples of EEOC cases filed on behalf of of young workers.

Recently, the EEOC added to the website a video and classroom guides aimed at educating working-age students about sexual harassment and other forms of employment discrimination to the “free downloads” section.

In addition to the webiste, EEOC staff are available to host free outreach events for high school students, youth organizations, and small businesses that employ young workers. The agency will also partner with businesses and organization to offer training and education materials.

For more information or to partner with the EOOC’s Youth@Work program, go to or email .

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